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"Если ты чего-нибудь хочешь, вся Вселенная будет способствовать тому,
чтобы желание твое сбылось" П. Коэльо.
"Жизнь соткана не из желаний, а из поступков"
Помоги мне помочь тебе! Твоя Вселенна


 «Жизнь человека, Его успех, долголетие, здоровье зависят от его, и им поставленной цели в данной жизни.
Есть цель личная...
Есть цель общая...»

            (Екатеринбург, 16.08.2003г.)


В течении 1 года
от 1,5 до 5-6 лет 


Кто такой Посвящённый ? 
  Человек, который научился работать с самой чистой квинтэссенцией солнечной энергии.
   Она представляет для него пищу, которую он поглощает и ассимилирует, чтобы затем распространять её вокруг себя.
   Вот почему он может потом освещать, согревать и оживлять создания. Истинное могущество Посвящённого происходит из его способности трансформировать свет.                  

Духовный Учитель - это человек, который обладает большими психическими силами, но эти силы не позволяют ему действовать в любое время, в любом месте, в каких угодно условиях и безразлично с кем, а только с теми, кто готов...!
                                  (О.М. Айванхов)


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PERSONAL INFORMATION solitons - 100% protection (PS-IN-AV-1000000) - Neutralizer provides 100% protection from harmful background radiation of technical devices and systems:

  • electromagnetic,
  • frequency,
  • radiation,
  • Anomalous zones of geopathic and man-made;
  • psihoinformatsinnyh,
  • psychotronic,
  • psy-wave,
  • psycho-sphere,
  • the climatic effects of weapons,
  • psycho-generator ...

     Neutralizer should be worn in the left breast pocket or near the front of the heart, according to the instructions.


Файл tiu4-1.jpg


The owner of PS-I neutralizing AV-1000000:

1. The device is a personal frequency (nominal and familial) and operate on natural frequency of the owner of the neutralizer.

2.  Established and tested by developers of the system Kosmogumanizm in 2006 - 2010.g.

3. Validity of the instrument is not restricted.

4. Designed to work with technical systems and devices. .

5. The owner of the neutralizer while working with them is recommended, there is a cottage cheese (cottage cheese contains a large number of elements in the periodic table:salts, acids, metals, elements, elements of the Earth).

6. Balances the emotional state of animate objects, matter, environment, and partially balances the internal emotional state.

7. The device has a positive effect on the digestive system.

8. Does not affect the genetic code, does not change its.

9. Works on all levels:being, thinking and consciousness:information, energy (bio), noosphere, regional, and biophysical (material).

10. 100% protection at all levels of consciousness and being of life support from negative radiations of technical devices and systems: electromagnetic, high-and low-frequency, abnormal energy channels and man-made geopathic zones, radiation, Psycho-Informational - psychotronic and other negative (harmful to the life and activities) influences and impacts coming from outside (the people and society) - executing the.

11. A person who studies the laws of the cosmos - does not violate their frequency and the laws of matter - its frequency - can live a normal life.

Neutralizer operates at frequencies of Man (the owner of the neutralizer), aligning the screen adaptation of exposure to radiation.

Men should wear a neutralizer in the left breast pocket or fastened on clothing, women's heart or fastened on clothing, according to the instructions and always have a good emotional state, which is achieved automatically.

In combination with the catalyst system Kosmogumnizm Harmonizer! ACT NEUTRALIZER:

1. Neutralizes the negative electromagnetic energy information and, at any level of radiation of frequency:cellular (mobile phones), cordless phones, computers, transmitting and receiving, location-based technological systems and devices.(Blocking - the screen, the absorption and neutralization of radiation).

2. Protects against electromagnetic, any level of frequency radiation technology systems and equipment (electrical and electronic):domestic, industrial, laboratory, test, industrial, military, aviation, aerospace, marine, naval, air, rail, and t.d. NEUTRALIZER protects all forms of transport:above ground, underground, air, water, underwater, space.(Aural protection bodies and the Noosphere - Regional - biophysical bodies).

3. Protects against electromagnetic, any level of frequency of radiation:in the centers of the body, and radio communications, heating plants (CHP), hydro (power plant), nuclear power plants (NPPs), power stations, power substations, high voltage and low voltage overhead and cable above ground, underground, surface, underwater power lines - including underground mines and.(Aural protection bodies and the Noosphere - Regional - biophysical bodies).

4. Protection against negative abnormal radiation energy channels geopathic zones (GPZ, SRC) when the person anywhere in the world.(Creates an energy field around the person).

5. Protecting a person in any part of the globe from the negative Psycho-Informational - psychotronic impact individuals, society.

6. Radiation protection from alpha particles, beta and gamma radiation, and their withdrawal from the body after exposure.(Additional and extensive information on the protection and the conclusion of radionuclides from the body - on the site and specify details).

7. The frequency of the person - name, patronymic, fomiliya BIGom (special.bio energy generator) is inserted and secured

8. Converter is for personal rights and is working on its natural frequencies - at all levels of thinking, consciousness and being vital - information, energy (bio) and material.

9. The principle of operation NEUTRALIZER:absorber of radiation, like lightning, screens, reflects.

10. Partially balances the inner emotional state of a person (the owner of converter).

11. Balances the emotional state (the owner converter) with animation ENVIRONMENT

12. In conjunction with a personal NEUTRALIZER Soliton-information and / or systems SUBINFORMATSIONNYM Harmonizer "KOSMOGUMANIZM" - ACTIVE harmonizes, strengthens and raises the positive emotional state and emotional state - the frequency of human NEUTRALIZER holder (if positive emotional reduced by internal and / or external factors). As a result, the work goes through the Information Management Centre (Itza) - all levels - body - heart - lungs - 12 meridians and the owner of converter achieved a high level of protection, balance and stability.

13. Validity of the instrument-IN-PS AV-1000000 is not limited.

Product specifications:

Converter, when you make it to the person's biofield - left breast pocket, immediately begins to "flatten and embedded" - as a new holographic natural body.The first interaction is with the Heart - Heart with docking capacity (cavity) in which the blood circulates.

In this area creates NEYTRALZATOR Golf Life Natural Stimulator, in which red blood cells restores a positive charge.

Normally, the last earthly world (without EMI Smog) red blood cells moving through the blood vessels in man, crossed the lines of force of Earth's geomagnetic field and thus charge their surface - soaked (saturated) Natural frequencies of the Earth.

Modern EMP could (electromagnetic), the total radiation, solar radiation, psychotronic and abnormal ILI TGZ - deforms (implants and blocks) perception by the human body Natural Terrestrial Magnetism Life.

neutralizer, creates a cavity within the Heart matrix similar to past natural terrestrial geomagnetic field.

while wearing NEUTRALIZER owner to yourself, red blood cells are able to turn back this original (ancient) and an important mechanism - self-cleaning, self-healing, self-healing, Purity, Stability, Balance, and 100% protection from alien nature of radiation:technical devices and systems, radiation, psychotronic, and anomalies.

Such a mechanism is provided by "Nature", can destroy red blood cells painful (negative) information combinations that occur in the body under pressure and the introduction of external negative factors, bio-energy.

If you have any negative:thoughts, emotions, speech and action, disease - red blood cells clump together in the pathogenic Chains, energy and information which reflect energoinformatiku emerging diseases and the fateful complications - life situations.

NEUTRALIZER of charge after the Earth geomagnetic field - erythrocytes energizes (natural energy-component unit of life) and can easily break the chains of Pathogenic Information.Thus, the action and they stopped to broadcast negative information of diseases and difficult situations in the bloodstream, which has access to the Mad Dog., Central., Vegetative., Endok.The immuno-.systems and every cell in the body.

In today's EM-smog, oppressive to the Aura / Biofield Man (Noosphere-regional-body Biophysical) - Zone "Life," created in the heart HOLDER NEUTRALIZER allows red blood cells purified by negative information from different parts of the body and at the same time positively charged field created in the interior (lumen) of the Heart - CONVERTERS.

This field produced by the converter, the characteristic of the Earth's life, when there were no artificial energy (electrical devices and systems).

As a result, the rotation speed of the Field Information Management Center (Itsu / east on terminology - chakras) - blood (red cells, plasma) are changing their information characteristics of patients with the healthy - it leads to increased levels of energy and shape of the Aura begins to level off and pack - ideal tends to spherical, which corresponds perfectly healthy man, who lives in the original (of Paradise) and bio information conditions that existed on Earth in ancient times.

Completeness: converter , user manual, silver case.

Terms and Conditions 100% guarantee of delivery: registered postal package, courier, personally.
100% prepayment.

Price list - Order





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"Нет неизлечимых заболеваний, 
есть недостаток знаний. 
И старение - это болезнь, 
которую можно лечить." 
                (В. И. Вернадский)

 Вера - это знание, основанное
на опыте прошлого и настояшего.

Ваши верования становятся вашими мыслями.
Ваши мысли становятся вашими словами. 
Ваши слова становятся вашими поступками.
Ваши поступки становятся вашими привычками. 
Ваши привычки становятся вашими ценностями. 
Ваши ценности становятся вашей судьбой.
                     (Mahatma Gandhi)


Посредственный учитель излагает. 
Хороший учитель объясняет. 
Выдающийся учитель показывает. 
Великий учитель вдохновляет.  
                         / О.М. Айванхов / 

      Мы работаем со всей Вселенной и
                 всеми формами жизни